Exhibition time: January 2015


Exhibition location: Lahore .Pakistan


Pakistan coatings exhibition held in Lahore Pakistan in January 2015. CNNC HUAYUAN Titanium Dioxide Co.,Ltd focused on coatings market of Pakistan and sent its excellent traders to the exhibition. We made the deep communication with customers from the Pakistan and any other country. We showed our company’s products and future strategic direction. We got good effect in the Pakistan Coating Shows.


Pakistan industrial coatings show is the most professional and the most influential exhibition in South Asia. It is the best marketing platform of the south Asian for the international coatings, printing ink , raw materials and equipment suppliers. During the same period , the exhibitions will also held seminars about products and technologics. The companies WERE invited to come to discuss the development about the chemical.


Pakistan is located in the south Asia, and is bordered by India to the east , Afghanistan to the west , Iran to the southwest and China in the farnortheast repectively.  In recent years, the rapid development of the Pakistan has won the attention of the world. Pakistan's economics has grown up year after year. With the vigorous development of Pakistan domestic printing industry, furniture industry and the construction industry, the demand of all kinds of paints, inks and other raw materials will also continue to be rised.