Latin American paint Exhibition (Mexico)


Exhibition time: July 2015


Exhibition location: Mexico.


The Latin American coatings exhibition was held in Mexico City on July 2015. The exhibition was held every two years. CNNC HUAYUAN Titanium Dioxide Co.,Ltd focused on coatings market in Mexico and sent its excellent traders to the exhibition.. We made deep communication with customers from Latin American and any other country. We showed our company’s  products and future strategic direction to customers. We got good effect in the 2015 Latin American Coating Shows.


As a member of G20 and one of the major emerging market countries in the world, Mexico has developed very fast in recent years. According to the report that OECD expected Mexico's economic growth rate will reach 4.1%, in 2015 .The Mexico is the leading position in the whole of America. Mexico market also has a great demand for Chinese products. At present, China is Mexico's second largest trading partner in the world, while Mexico is China's second largest trading partner in Latin America.


CHTI attaches importance to Mexico coatings market development. In addition, Mexico is the world's seventh largest automobile producer and fourth largest auto exporter. Mexico is becoming the world's sixth largest automobile producer, and will become the second largest automobile exporter after China, so its demand of automotive coatings is very large.